February 07, 2013

New clothes!

Been practicing sewing for the last six months or so. I made myself some basic t-shirts & sweatshirts. I bought some shirts off Zara and used them as patterns. I didn't destroy the shirts, I simply folded them along the seams, on the fabric to get the patterns. 
This time, I decided to spend a bit more money, get some good fabric and make a jacket from an old sweater I wore all the time. 
I had my sweater dry cleaned & when I got it home, I cut the sweater along the seams to get my pattern. Knowing that the pattern would be a bit small, I cut the fabric about 1/2 inch larger than the sweater pattern. I'm not using the appropriate stitches, so I'm sure the jacket will need to be re-sewn. I have a book of proper sewing stitches from college somewhere at home that I need to look for. Til then I guess I better use the dictionary of stitches from my sewing machine.

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