October 29, 2012

Crochet granny square bags, laptop sleeve

Been busy with crochet projects, Halloween parties & tons of other things I may blog about later. I'm finally getting some time to write about some of my current crochet projects. 

I just completed a couple of crochet bags, and a crochet computer laptop sleeve using the afghan stitch/cross stitch. I love the afghan stitch. It's a lot like knitting, but your using a long crochet hook. I combined remnants of yarn from other crochet projects and made a huge multicolor ball of yarn for the laptop sleeve. I created "Hello" doing the cross stitch with a blunt needle.

 Link for how to afghan stitch


 The granny square bags are an easy pattern to follow/make for crochet beginners (if you already know how to make the basic granny square) Depending on how big you want your bag to be, determines in a sense, the size of the crochet hook/yarn ply you use. Thicker yarn and a bigger hook will make larger squares. 

The 3.75 hook and four ply yarn were used to create the two bags pictured below.
17 squares were made for each bag and then a slip stitch was used to connect the squares. 

Link for a how to on granny squares
Link to sewing diagram for purse or try here

Both bags are lined with heavy canvas so the bag retains its shape when in use. For one bag, I used a purse handle I found from the goodwill shop, the other has two crochet handles that were made using the single stitch. 

The leather handle bag is avail in my Etsy shop. If you would like a bag made for yourself with different colors just contact me through my Etsy shop.

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