August 16, 2012

New journal, fodder of painted, marbleized papers added to my Etsy shop

New journal just added to my Etsy shop, painted canvas cover with my own stamp design, then machine sewn. For sale Here: Etsy

 Handmade Bound Watercolor - Mixed Media Art Journal

Width 7 in
Height 9 1/4 in

Paper size
Width 6 1/4 in
Height 9 in

Thirty pages total
Ten pages per signature

Paper - 140 lb cold press watercolor papers. The pages can withstand water and glue for watercolors, collage, acrylics.

Bounded with beige wax linen thread

Wrap around journal cover with flap

Journal Cover is canvas with my own carved custom stamp patterns, painted acrylics, fabric markers & machine sewn

Tie closure is fabric, lace, wood beads, & a collaged domino with the word art.

Painted papers, marbleized package of papers for sale as well for 3.50. 

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