August 26, 2011

Updates on my Disintegration project

I've found my journal on the ground a couple of times since June 01 2011.

_turning_world tweeted me on August 8th wondering if my journal was still outside. After the tweet, I checked to see if it was still hanging from the tree but found the journal on the ground. Something had gnawed through the twine. We have extremely large, sharped nailed coons around here who climb trees. I'm sure it was a coon! 

Today, again, the journal was on the ground. I haven't been placing any food near the journal so I really don't understand why a coon would be so interested. Maybe an eagle likes the twine to fill the holes in his nest?

I was going to take the journal inside and check out the papers after the first snowfall, but I have decided to keep the journal outside for six months. (December 1 2011) Will post pictures as time passes.

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