July 12, 2011

Kindle crochet cozy

I was trying out a new crochet stitch the other day and decided to create a cozy for my kindle. The stitch is called clever blocks from The complete photo guide to crochet (Margaret Hubert).
I stopped in to get a new cutting mat and was quickly exiting the store trying not to look at anything else and glanced at this crochet book. The photo samples are large so you can see the stitch clearly, like you are holding a sample of the stitch, making the crochet instructions easier to understand. Great book for anyone who knows all the basic stitches and wants to take their crocheting skills a step further. The book offers more than thirty pages of specialty crochet methods (freeform, overlay crochet) and lots of different stitch patterns. (tunisian, motifs, unusual stitches, heavy textures, mesh, lace, ripple ....)!

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