June 01, 2011


I read an article awhile ago in Cloth, Paper, Scissors about an artist who bundles stacks of paper and either buries the paper in the ground, or hangs the bundles of paper from trees. Outside elements over a period of time, age, color and change the paper. The artist then uses the disintegrated papers in artwork/collages. I wanted to try this, so yesterday I had some time to create and hang my own bundle of paper.

I first created a journal from an old arithmetic book. I ripped out the old text and replaced with watercolor paper, then used gesso and java ink to stain the pages. I used old upholstery fabric for the spine of the book and bounded the pages with wax linen thread.

I then filled the book with ephemera, painted and spray painted papers.

Wrapped the bundle with a painted and stamped paper towel, lace and twine.

Photos of the journal and ephemera hanging from an outside tree. I will take the bundled stack down after the first snowfall! 


ArtSnark said...

cool. I seem to remember that issue. Look forward to seeing your piece evolve

Kristi said...

Checked on the journal recently it's been through an awful heatwave 102* and soaked by a sprinkler

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