May 22, 2011

Fresco (faux) to my walls

Bought this Paint Magic book by Jocasta Innes about ten+ years ago.

I'm getting really bored of the smooth sheet rock walls in my home. While looking for an older book for my son, I came across this book. I did a lot of the painting techniques at on older residence and remembered how much I like the look of old plaster walls and stenciling.

I went off to my local hardware store and bought a huge bucket of texture stone and started applying the mixture to a small sized room. The mixture looks like plaster and is really absorbent for color. Here is a small section with the texture stone applied to a wall - 

I love the look of these walls! My grandma had these exact type of walls with a light pink color wash. I will not be putting pink on my walls - but will be trying one of the methods suggested in the book. For paint they suggest watered down acrylics. I might do a light turquoise with my own stencil or stamp. Will post pics as I transform the room.

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