May 31, 2011


Went to an antique store this last weekend and there was a huge display of vintage barbies. I used to play with these dolls with my aunt when I was younger. My aunts collection was huge - I'm sure if someone today put a price on the collection she had, it would be in the thousands. I would spend many hours playing barbies and listening to Dean Martin, Elvis, Bobby Vinton (?), Sammy Davis Jr, and Frank Sinatra. This was only the start of a very awful clothing addiction for me!

This time with my aunt was very precious (thesaurus - worth ones weight in gold) to me. My aunt had down syndrome and I practically grew up with her. I try to donate, volunteer as much as I am able to organizations like Arc and the Special Olympics.

Some pics of the vintage barbies - 

My aunt had a lot of these costumes. I remember that nurses uniform!

Skipper - one of my favorite barbies - hey only $129.

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