November 04, 2010

Art on my walls

What my walls are adorned with

Found these for a awesome price at a antique store - love the color of the frames

Susan Wyman

My kids art 

My moo cards
More of my stuff

haven't gotten around to framing yet

Jimmotheus on Etsy

carambatack on Etsy

tumblefishstudio and Teesha Moore on Etsy

Phil Hoch can find at Deviant Art

My dad the artist. He does wildlife art in colored pencils and paint. He has tried numerous times to win the duck stamp but never took first place. I think the best he ever placed was 10th or 12th. I have tons of his prints. He also sketches and paints dogs. I have never really liked wildlife art - but over the last few years I have developed a greater appreciation for his art and the time he has put into his pieces/also the meaning.
He is also a sketch artist.

I have lots more stuff on my walls - ships on wood, assemblage art of a cottage (a room) from my grandmother, frames, suns, statues and mirrors. I need to frame more of my stuff and will post back.


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