October 14, 2010

New journal

New journal added to Etsy - fabriano paper, bound journal.

 These journals are fun to make!

I first paint a bunch of papers, (if you want to learn some cool painting techniques you should pick up Tracy Bautista's collage unleashed book) choose papers I like, grab a pane of glass (size of pane determines what size journal you want to make) cover the back of the paper with matte gel medium or acrylic matte medium. I then press the paper onto the pane of glass smoothing out bumps and wrinkles in the paper. I apply a layer of gel medium to the front of the paper and collage more papers or just leave it like it is. The above photo is one sheet of paper. The gel medium needs to dry completely before peeling the paper away from the glass.

After drying, peel the paper away and you have paper that feels like leather or a heavy fabric (depending on how much you collage). Trim the edges, add sewing, or embellishments if you want, make your signatures, and add the journal cover.

For the inside cover, I added a painted paper towel and backing to give the cover some strength. Added sewing and some grommets with linen cording for a closure.

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