May 20, 2010

Painting/stenciling/stamping/doodling papers

I either add paint first to my papers or I may spray paint stencils depending on my mood. I spray paint if I want my papers to get done quickly (less messy too).

Pictures of applying paint below - I may throw some paint down with brushes, scrape some on with cardboard, or in these pictures I dyed paper towels with water down acrylics and pressed the paper towel btwn two sheets of paper (from Traci Bautista's book Collaged Unleashed) Very messy but fun.

Papers are put under a blank sheet of paper that were either painted or spray painted on that didn't turn out (or I didn't like). This makes these yuck papers into something that I may like. I use these under papers probably more so than the papers where I purposefully try to make them look good.

Dyed acrylic paint paper towel

Two sheets of paper.

Some pics of the papers and paper towels -

After papers are dried - I may add acrylics/gesso to some stamps I have bought or ones I have hand carved. A pic of a few of the hand carved ones.

The sheets below were stamped with my stamps with acrylic, and then stencils were spray painted over them. Now I am brightening the dull areas with yellow watercolor.

Doodling - I decided to follow the stencil and painted marks with black ink and adding different patterns.

Not sure if the papers are completed, or if I like them. I keep these papers around for awhile, may doodle on them more or if I absolutely dislike, I start the process over or cut up the paper and use it for atc's and collages. Some close ups of the doodles.


Janet said...

I love these!!! Thanks for showing your process. Your hand-carved stamps are really cool. What did you carve them from?

Kristi said...

I made the designs myself. They are carved on a carving block. You draw the designs on paper then use transfer paper on top of the block to transfer the image and then carve away. These stamps were made a couple of years ago. I have used them so much they are starting to break in half.

Nessa said...

i love your art and your blog!!!
what kind of spray paint do you use??? please answer at
thanks a lot
kiss from belgium

ArtSnark said...

fun work in progress photos! Loving your colors