May 12, 2009

Home Today

Today, my son was home sick, not terribly, so we went to Micheals in the morning to pick out a craft project. My son picked out a box that basically was styrofoam made to look like castle bricks. He bought a few figurines to go with his set up. He got creative and made his own flags with toothpicks. He created and played with his castle and figurines for about three hours. Here is a picture of what he made -

When we left Micheals, there were little feathers all over the parking lot - someone must of been excited about getting their bag of feathers, opened it in the parking lot, then a huge gust of wind must of blew the feathers all over.

Here is a pin I made out of recycled metal. The metal is an old colander I had in the house that was falling apart. I decided to make a card and add the pin and send it off to my sister-in-law. Her birthday is on Friday.

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