April 17, 2009

Plans for summer (for ART)

A couple years back, one summer day while my kids were out of school, we decided to decorate our mailbox. We thought it would be a surprising gift for our mailman. We are going to try to do this again this summer. In the photo above, I was thinking about the song by the Cure called A Foolish Arrangement, which brought on the idea to decorate the mailbox with flowers in a foolish way. ?? :) Anyways, it was fun. My kids will think of the theme next time.

I'm going to start taking pictures of my feet at various places I visit throughout the summer. I know this sounds funny - my feet are awful looking which makes it even funnier. So, here is the first picture. In this photo, I am watching a video of my professor, who is teaching me how to create my own mandala. I'm very nervous about this, the other students in the class are so talented. Yikes!

I read in a mixed media craft book, that if you were a beginner photographer, to start with a simple subject matter and take pictures of the subject you have chosen at different times of the day. For instance, one photographer took a picture of the same stop sign at different points of the day to get different looks of the same thing in different shades of light. I also just learned this recently in my color theory class. I'm going to try to do this as well this summer. I've decided to take a picture of our neighbors tree owl - or a tree in the neighborhood. (I still need to ask my neighbors if its alright to take pics of their tree owl)
After I have enough pics I will try to draw and then paint them.

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ArtSnark said...

Too funny (both the mailbox & new feet series :D Have you ever visited TotusMel on etsy? She makes these cool needle tatting faux sandals