March 23, 2009


I started up yoga again after a three year break. I'm pretty active and occupied myself with running and light weightlifting. I've been to two different yoga classes within the last three weeks, so I have probably attended about 5 classes total. The difference in my attitude, and my mental focus within the last few weeks has grown immensely. The classes differ, one is fitness yoga doing salutations, combined with core work. The other yoga class is Hatha and concentrates more on breathing, posture, and mental focus.

I love both classes. One focuses on movement while the other focuses on body position and breathing. Each class gives benefits to the other. In the Hatha class, the instructor talks about breathing and bringing your mental attention to what your body is doing. Since taking these classes, within the last few weeks, I have stopped and corrected my posture, I notice my breathing during the day and focus on it, and my stress has seemed decreased a bit.

I was really surprised last night, when I awoke from a dream. In this dream, I was in the most vulnerable position sleeping in my bed, with the room dark. I awoke in my dream, to somebody grabbing onto me, and not letting go. I was really afraid, and asked this person who they were and why they meant to cause me so much harm. They would not let go of me. The figure of the person was up above me. What happened next in my dream surprised me. I started doing a yoga move rolling on my back up and down with my knees held against my chest. I went up on my shoulders, sprang my legs forward and kicked the person away. My husband woke me up saying I had been wimpering. After being awake for awhile and thinking about the meaning of my dream, I remembered the move I had done in the yoga class with the instructor next to me. I also remember she had us rest and do child poses a lot during the class. After further trying to analze my dream, I felt triumphant like I had defeated something that has been bugging me for quite awhile. To me the shadow represented a difficult time I experienced as a child. I was abused by someone I knew. I had no resolution to this, so this shadow probably has been lurking in my mind for quite awhile. I feel that through doing yoga, I have been able to kick that shadow away. I feel as though I have defeated something.

Yoga is the best therapy.

If you have never tried yoga, I recommend that you should try. Don't be discouraged if you can't do some of the yoga moves at first, never compare yourself to those who are around you. The class is about yourself, your mental focus, and making yourself feel better. Everybody needs that.

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