March 06, 2009

Text message Hillary Clinton - Darfur

And my first text message went to Hillary Clinton!

Yesterday, the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for the arrest of Sudanese President al-Bashir. This is a game changing moment for the crisis in Darfur and the people of Sudan as a whole, and must become a catalyzing moment for peace.

There is great danger, however, that Bashir may exploit this moment to increase violence in Darfur and continue his genocidal campaign.

The U.S. must lead an urgent, intense and sustained diplomatic push to ensure the continued flow of humanitarian aid and end the genocide in Darfur. We need your help to ensure that Secretary of State Clinton gets the message.

Text message Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at 90822 to make sure she knows that the potential catastrophe in Darfur must be her immediate priority.

Secretary Clinton will be reading questions texted to her on her current overseas trip and responding online when she returns. This is a unique way to have a profound impact—directing the attention of our nation's chief diplomat to the crisis in Sudan.

It's essential to act now. President Bashir's response to the arrest warrant has been predictably outrageous—he has launched a crackdown on humanitarian aid organizations, reportedly ordering a dozen major aid operations to leave the country.

U.N. officials have previously stated that up to 100,000 people could die each month in Darfur if the fragile humanitarian system collapses. The U.S. and the international community must not allow this to happen.

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