March 10, 2009

Medical Text Swap

I decided to sign up for this medical text swap about a week ago. I figured I had a lot of medical textbooks around the house from attending school. I had every intention in the world a couple of years ago to get my masters in Occupational Therapy. I had almost all my prerequisites done with about two classes to go. I stopped - I didn't want my son to be in preschool from 9am to 5pm three days a week so I could go to class. There was also another reason I stopped but I don't want to bore you with the details. It was a tough choice.
I could go back and start again and finish the two required classes I need. Then volunteer and apply to get into OT school.
I got a little upset doing this swap, I worked really hard in these classes(anatomy and cadaver course), I learned a lot. Now, all I have is the knowledge that is not going to be applied, and these crappy cards. But, I also have the memories with my child who will soon be to old to want to hang out with his mom. :)
On to new dreams ...

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