January 27, 2009

Whats on your heart campaign - letter to Treasury secretary Geither

Our new What’s On Your Heart Campaign asks you to write to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and share with him the issues on your heart about debt and economic justice.

The Treasury Secretary plays a central role in determining US economic policies on debt and global poverty. We recognize that times are hard and many Americans are suffering and going forward we will be the voice reminding Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner that throughout the global South countries already hit hard by the food crisis, such as Haiti, are now struggling to face the financial crisis as well.

Together we can remind the new Secretary of Treasury that while dealing with the economic crises at home, he cannot allow the needs of the world's most vulnerable to be pushed aside. The issues on our hearts include:

The urgency of immediate debt cancellation to address poverty in Haiti;
The need to stop the immoral practices of vulture funds that sue recipients of debt relief for huge profits;
Our responsibility to meet our commitments to fund debt relief;
The moral imperative that we address odious and illegitimate debt, and work for a new framework for responsible lending in the future

DO IT YOURSELF: Make a heart telling the Treasury Secretary “what’s on your heart,” with your own message or click here for suggestions. Sign it with your name, address, phone number, and email address. Mail your heart to: Jubilee USA Network / 212 E. Capitol St. NE / Washington, DC 20003

ORDER postcards from carly(at) jubileeusa.org or at 202-546-4470

SEND a message online here

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