January 10, 2009

Journal pgs 3 & 4

So much has happened within the last week or so I haven't had the time to write about what's going on and to add more dialog with my journal pages I have been showing. I need to check out my neighbors blogs as well - I've been really busy!
Since the kids are back in school, were starting to get back into the normal routine. Almost every night we focus on our kids school work along with giving them time to enjoy the things they like and giving them breathing room.
I've started a journal and I'm trying to do a page of art everyday which proves to be tough with everything that has been happening. Our washing machine and our dryer are really old and at the beginning of the week my washing machine decided to give up right in the middle of a load of wash. I had to take out the clothes - rinse them and then twist them to get all the water out. We ordered a new washer and dryer which is beyond words - I did wash yesterday with a stupid grin on my face. I never knew that owning some new machines would make me so happy. :)

I had time so far to do two journal pages. I did one with a picture of my son and myself to document time being spent on school work ..

I practiced a bit of drawing this morning (self portrait). I'm going to be taking a class for basic drawing skills soon - hopefully this will help with the flow of what I draw. I decided I needed a break on the self portrait thing so I did this journal page. I liked the way it turned out. I did one of my silly drawings and collaged some papers and fabric on the page. I painted and used my sewing machine as well.

On this journal page I included some words to help fit into my life in 2009.
Breathe - relax
Connect - to those around me, be present
Prioritize - Family
Speak - Action - Putting my thoughts and creative energy into producing art.
Hopeful - Hope for the best
Thankful - Being grateful for everyone around me
Be Foolish - make mistakes - this is how you learn
Create - Everyday
Try, attempt, try, attempt, try - never give up.

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