January 04, 2009

Journal Cover

I was checking through my yahoo groups earlier this evening and found an entry from an artist who is participating in a January art Journal adventure that Misty Mawn is hosting. I thought this would be a great learning experience getting some new ideas and tips from other artists and crafters. I'm really excited because its also fun to see everyones creations. I bought a few journals last week and have already started working on the cover and back.

This is a picture of the journal cover ... still in progress not sure what I'm going to do next.

The journal is by moleskine. I bought the kind that had three in a pack. I bought this journal because the cover of the book is paper and I could draw - paint, collage whatever on the cover.

I took phone book pages and glued them on the cover and back of the journal with my Zippy paper glue. I love this glue.
I chose not to use matte gel medium to adhere the phone book pages to the journal cover because I wanted the cover to have some texture. The zig zags and curves of how I applied the glue comes through the phone book pages as well. I gessoed the cover and back and added yellow and white acrylic paint with a palette knife. The watercolor tree was a background for another drawing (painting) I had just finished. I didn't like what I did so I cut the tree out and pasted it on the cover. I got out the walnut ink and sprayed it on a baby wipe and applied the ink to the journal and the trunk of the tree.

what to do next ....?

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Kathleen Botsford said...

Love this! I can't wait to see your pages!