December 04, 2008

Writing Prompt : Scar Story

Writing Prompt: Scar Story

I have this huge scar between my eyebrows. When I was 6 or 7 years old, I was in the living room playing with my dolls. I put my doll in her stroller and started to pretend that someone was taking my baby away. As I made a sprint to the stroller to save my baby, I tripped and hit my head on the living room coffee table. I'm not sure if the table was glass or wood, but it must of been sharp. It cut a gash in my forehead and blood squirted everywhere. I was bleeding so much, my mom freaked and called an ambulance. I'm not sure if I passed out, all I remember is laying on our kitchen counter and a strange man looking down at me holding a rag to my head, he was giving me stitches.

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