December 31, 2008

Another interesting story about hair

When I was younger, about sixth grade or so - (12 or 13 yrs of age) there was a special event at my school for all the girls near our school lunchroom. All the girls in sixth grade were excused from their regular class schedule to hear a hair stylist talk about the "correct" way to style or cut your hair. (This was quite awhile ago - but not that long ago) The woman proceeded to tell all of us the proper way we should have our hair cut and styled, how to clean, and how to blow dry. This woman then looked around at us girls sitting there and grabbed two girls from the audience. One girl whose name was Melissa, was very tiny and petite. She had very long, blonde, straight hair. This woman told Melissa that her hairstyle was all wrong. She stated that because of Melissa's small face, her hair should be shorter to shape her face. The other poor soul was Mary. Mary was a good friend of mine who lived nearby. Mary had an average body shape and a slight round face. Mary had the big hair going on. Her hair was full of body. The hairstylist told Mary that she styled her hair wrong and that Mary's hair should be flatter to bring out the features of her face. I just remembered this story and I can't believe that this actually took place in a school. How awful. How awful for the two girls who got up there to listen to a supposed "expert" on how to wear your hair. Yuck.

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